Title: The use of Tinder and its consequences for well-being from a gender perspective: the specific case of infidelity (INV-IGU193-2022)
Funded by: Research and Transfer Plan of the University of Granada
Duration: 2022-2023

Title: Violence against women: Consequences for their psychosocial well-being (PID2021-12125OB-I00)
Funded by:  I+D National Plan
Duration: 2022-2025

Title: Psychosocial Risks and Self-care of professionals who work on Gender Violence*
Funded by: General Directorate of Gender Violence, Equal Treatment and Diversity. Ministry of Equality, Social Policies and Conciliation. Andalusian Government
Duration: 6 months.
*This project has been awarded to the non-profit entity VIGIA (association of the research group).

Title: Gender violence in the digital age: Do the new communication and information technologies (ICTs) empower or subjugate women? (B-SEJ-472-UGR18).
Funded by: Andalusian Government
Duration: 2020- 2021.

Title: New forms of gender violence: Risk and protective factors for psychosocial well-being (PSI2017-84703-R).
Funded by: I+D National Plan
Duration: 2017-2020

Title: Psychosocial analysis of sexual harassment: new forms and new contexts (PSI2014-59200-R).
Funded by: I+D National Plan
Duration: 2015 – 2017.

Title: Sexist ideology and power differences in the origin and maintenance of sexual harassment (PSI2011-29720).
Funded by: I+D National Plan
Duration: 2012-2014

Title: Psychosocial effects of gender violence on direct and indirect victims: prevention and intervention (Ref. 064/07).
Funded by: Women’s Institute. Ministry of Science and Innovation.
Duration: 2008-2011