Research Interests

Through a gender perspective, the group tries to investigate the influence of different variables in the development of interpersonal relationships.

Sexist ideology

Gender violence

Sexual objectification



Cyber violences

Decision making

Social perception

Publications & Collaborations

Access the group’s publications, as well as publications resulting from collaborations, both international and national, with other research groups.


Medinilla-Tena, P., Aguilera-Cortell, A., Badenes-Sastre, M., Apiazu-Calcedo, O. & Expósito, F. (2024). What do victims of gender-based violence need to feel that justice is served? Motives and related variables [¿Qué necesitan las víctimas de violencia de género para sentir que se hace justicia? Motivos y variables relacionadas]. Revista Iberoamericana de Justicia Terapéutica, (8).

Badenes-Sastre, M., Spencer, C., Alonso-Ferres, M., Lorente, M., & Expósito, F. (2024). How severity of intimate partner violence is perceived and related to attitudinal variables? A systematic review and meta-analysis. Aggression and Violent Behavior, 76, 101925.

Villanueva-Moya, L., & Expósito, F. (2024). It was not the best option: family-role overload and regret about making work sacrifices. The Journal of Psychology. First Published Online.