Research Interests

Through a gender perspective, the group tries to investigate the influence of different variables in the development of interpersonal relationships.

Sexist ideology

Gender violence

Sexual objectification



Cyber violences

Decision making

Social perception

Publications & Collaborations

Access the group’s publications, as well as publications resulting from collaborations, both international and national, with other research groups.


Sánchez-Hernández, M. D., Herrera, M. C., & Expósito, F. (2024). Is online disinhibition related to cyberdating abuse perpetration by moral disengagement? The moderating role of gender, sexism, and cybervictimization. Sex Roles, 1–22.

Sánchez-Hernández, M. D., Herrera, M. C., & Expósito, F. (2024). Perception of Cyberdating Abuse from the Victims’ Perspective: Effect of the Type of Suffered Behavior and Gender. Current Psychology, 1–14.

Vecina, M.L., Alonso-Ferres, M., López-García, L., & Díaz-Silveira, C. (2024). Eco-Anxiety and Trust in Science in Spain: Two Paths to Connect Climate Change Perceptions and General Willingness for Environmental Behavior. Sustainability, 16, 3187.