Analyze interpersonal relationships from a gender perspective


Intervention with victims of gender violence


Training on gender roles and sexist ideology

Research Interests

Through a gender perspective, the group tries to investigate the influence of different variables in the development of interpersonal relationships.

Sexist ideology

Gender violence

Sexual objectification



Cyber violences

Decision making

Social perception

Team of

Gender & Psychosocial Lab is directed by Francisca Expósito. The laboratory is made up of researchers from the Psychology Departments of the Universities of Granada, Extremadura, and Alicante (Spain).

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Villanueva-Moya, L., & Expósito, F. (2024). It was not the best option: family-role overload and regret about making work sacrifices. The Journal of Psychology. First Published Online.

Sánchez-Hernández, M. D., Herrera, M. C., Villanueva-Moya, L., & Expósito, F. (2023). Cyberbullying on Instagram: How adolescents perceive risk in personal selfies? Cyberpsychology: Journal of Psychosocial Research on Cyberspace, 17(5), Article 2.

Badenes-Sastre, M., Lorente Acosta, M., Beltrán-Morillas, A. M., & Expósito, F. (2023). Transformative effect of intimate partner violence against women based on sociocultural factors trapping women in a violent relationship. Current Psychology.


Objectified Selfies on Instagram Increase Cyberbullying Risk, Particularly for Females

Objectified Selfies on Instagram Increase Cyberbullying Risk, Particularly for Females Psychreg. (1 de Diciembre de 2023). Objectified Selfies on Instagram Increase Cyberbullying Risk, Particularly for Females. M. Dolores Sánchez-Hernández, M Carmen Herrera, Laura Villanueva-Moya, and Francisca Expósito

Gemma Sáez as guest speaker at the Conference “Specialized Care in Contexts of Prostitution”.

The researcher Gemma Sáez was invited to give a lecture entitled: “Women as sexual objects: a psychosocial analysis of the causes and consequences” at the Training Day “Specialized Care in Contexts of Prostitution”, in the auditorium of the Caja Rural del Sur Foundation, Seville (Spain).

Marta Badenes-Sastre as guest speaker at the 25th Anniversary Events of the Melilla Campus

The researcher Marta Badenes-Sastre was invited to give a talk entitled: “Perception of gender violence and decision making from different perspectives” on the occasion of the “25N” International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, at the Faculty of Education and Sports Sciences of Melilla (University of Granada).

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